GSoft is a global leader in technology

A new technological era is revolutionizing the world of work and forcing us to rethink the role of humans in our organizations.

We help companies adapt to this new technological era by positioning human beings at the center of their priorities. The future of work is human.



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    By developing new technological tools that are both powerful and innovative

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    By encouraging experimentation and ideas that spark debate

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    By testing our ideas in-house first

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    By sharing our new approaches and joining in conversations on the things we care most about

Our story

The best is yet to come, but our past doesn’t exactly suck, either:

Simon De Baene from St-Lazare, Guillaume Roy from Quebec City and Sébastien Leduc from Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot launched GSoft in Montreal's Côte-des-Neiges borough in 2006.

While GSoft offered services, there was a growing need to develop products. ShareGate was launched as a result, and we continued to develop it by leveraging our service revenues.

V1 of ShareGate wasn’t living up to our high expectations. We decided to scrap it and recode everything from scratch. We’re a little nuts that way.

In 2011, we decided to share our product offering with the world via the web. Smart move.

Inspired by our own unique employer practices, Officevibe was launched.

A pat on the back that confirmed to the business world that we create great stuff.

We launched a festival geared towards making Quebec one of the best places to work and to become a leading forum on the subject.

In 2017, we ceased offering consulting services and became a company dedicated solely to product development. A bold move.

In 2017, we formed a team dedicated exclusively to innovation.

We thought companies everywhere should be able to take advantage of Officevibe. Another milestone in our quest to make the (work) world a better place.

The ShareGate family expanded. Apricot and Overcast, additional products that help democratize access to the cloud, were born in 2018.

Finally — everyone on the same floor! We’re building the GSoft of the next decade. 2019-2029, we’re coming for you.

Our values


We listen to understand

We’re genuinely curious about the realities, struggles and aspirations of the people and organizations we design solutions for.


We win as a team

We believe the whole is larger than its individual parts. We can only be greater when we work as a team, putting together our skills, our hearts and our will.


We take the leap

We dare to shake things up and make bold choices. We embrace the unfamiliar even when it means taking risks along the way.


We own up

We are always ready to put in the effort and dedication to keep thriving. We take responsibility for our decisions and actions, owning up to our mistakes and celebrating our successes.


We tell it like it is

We have open, direct and honest conversations. Even when the going gets tough and always with benevolence.

A word from the CEO

gsoft about simon de baene ceo

We are self-sufficient,
free, autonomous, self-financed, healthy.

Because we’re our own bosses and we plan to stay that way, the best is yet to come.

Simon De Baene

Let’s walk the talk, shall we?

From its very beginnings, GSoft made a name for itself through its technological expertise as well as its desire to make people its top priority by creating a rich, rewarding and open work environment. And now, we want to take this a step further and see our positive endeavours spill over beyond our walls. Today, what we’re hoping for is to have an impact on our society.


"As such, we are now committed to becoming a corporate citizen. As an industry leader, we have many powers. For one, the power to act, to take concrete steps which will make a difference in terms of the environment, sustainable development, organizational practices and working conditions. But also, the power to influence stakeholders in our community by raising the bar and acting as a role model.

We’re far from perfect but, every single day, we set our minds on dreaming up ideas that will help us do better."


Our ethic

Our process

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