When empathy fuels innovation

May 14th, 2020 4 min |


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As the designated innovation branch for North America’s largest federation of credit unions, Desjardins Labs stands as a pillar of Montreal’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Founded in 1900, the cooperative now serves over 7 million members and has taken on a central role in supporting, financing and growing the province’s unique brand of creative disruption. Central to every meetup, demo day or workshop they host? The idea of leaving your ego at the door.


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Words we won’t soon forget


You have to work on that empathy muscle, you have to learn to take yourself out of the equation, and I think the key to helping that emerge is a solid methodology.

Alexandre Joyce

Innovation advisor, Desjardins


Next time you kick-start a new project, schedule and design a meeting in order for every team member to express their hopes, doubts and expectations for this new challenge.

Not only does understanding your teammates’ motivations and concerns help you collaborate more effectively, but it makes it far easier to collectively reach a consensus about priorities, goals and project needs.


Words we won’t soon forget


When we’re able to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, when we’re able to see life from their point of view, that creates a sense of goodwill – and that’s when something really interesting can emerge.

Kahina Ouerdane

Chief People Officer


Rest assured: these videos were created in 2019, so don’t worry we didn’t have to use compliances of COVID-19 security measures everyone is kept healthy and safe.

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