When risk-taking fuels innovation

May 7th, 2020 4 min |


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Sébastien Angers has never been too interested in following the status quo when it comes to his business and passion: agriculture. A true pioneer of organic and regenerative farming, he uses his land at Ferme de l’Odyssée to experiment with new ways of designing, planting and harvesting sustainable crops that not only keep his soil fertile and healthy – but naturally increase his yield along the way. Of course, when your lab is in fact acres of open land, you have to get comfortable with a whole other set of challenges and risk: notably the fact that he has to wait for a full season to find out whether your moonshot experiment has paid off.


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Words we won’t soon forget


If it’s too easy, then why would I innovate? It takes a certain level of discomfort to innovate – you need to have some real constraints.

Sébastien Angers



As Sébastien so aptly points out, sometimes your tools can become their own constraints in innovation.

Without that tension, you can quickly fall into the trap of Next time you’re trying to find new ways to look at a problem or improve a solution, make a list of every tool involved in your process and see if you can experiment with switching it out for another to see if you get different results. That continuous improvement, says Simon, will keep you driven and curious.


Employee insights


When we take our experience for granted, we sometimes don’t allow ourselves to try things that haven’t worked in the past. We have to be able to pair our experience with the naivete that often comes with youth. I don’t think we realize it, but we’ve built a DNA for ourselves that accepts failures as an everyday thing.

Simon De Baene

Cofounder and CEO, GSoft


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