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June 4th, 2020 5 min |


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While many of us know that our current approach to schools and education needs a serious revamp, few organizations take that mission to heart quite like the LAB-École. Since 2017, the non-profit has focused on the importance of building multi-disciplinary teams in order to prompt important discussions about how we learn, how we interact with our communities and how we coexist with the built environment around us. Their secret sauce: creating a work environment that facilitates cross-pollination between a whole range of experts and great minds from the worlds of education, nutrition, architecture, health, social work, academia, design, and more. That humility and open collaboration, it turns out, is also at the center of our own approach to product building.

That humility and open collaboration, it turns out, is also at the center of our own approach to product building.


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Words we won’t soon forget


We understand that we don’t have the answers to everything, so to create the best possible solutions for our clients, we have to go looking for information elsewhere. We have to share our knowledge without always looking to get something out of it.

Benjamin Niaulin

Head of product, ShareGate by GSoft


If you hit a wall while trying to resolve a particularly thorny problem, try reaching out to someone from another team or department for ideas.

Though someone from marketing or human resources might not have all of the background and expertise you need to solve a product problem, their thoughts and questions may trigger valuable new thought patterns and points of view that don’t already exist in your core team.


Words we won’t soon forget


Fundamentally, our intention is to provoke innovation. But obviously, that responsibility doesn’t lie on one or two people, or even on our team at LAB-École. It lies on the multitude of actors that are steeped in this every day. The fact that we’ve united people across such a broad spectrum increases everyone’s desire to innovate.

Natacha Jean

Director General, LAB-École


Rest assured: these videos were created in 2019, so don’t worry we didn’t have to use compliances of COVID-19 security measures everyone is kept healthy and safe.

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