GSoft’s recap of 2022: Let’s look back before we move forward

GSoft’s recap of 2022: Let’s look back before we move forward
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Phew. What a year. Let’s take a minute to process it all, shall we?

At the beginning of 2022, we at GSoft had one goal in mind: to focus more than ever on employee experience, via our family of software products. How did it go? Did we stay on track, or did we drive off straight into, say, a beetroot field?

You’ll be the judge of that. Let’s dig in.

We created a new and unified ShareGate experience.

2022 was a year of major change for our first-born product, our pride and joy, our dearly beloved M365 management solution, the one that rocks its socks at every conference. We went all Power Rangers on it, going from a multiproduct approach (ShareGate Desktop and ShareGate Apricot) to a single and unified ShareGate platform. This new ShareGate experience came with a new portal called ShareGate home, a new website, a new brand, and much more. This was a huge milestone for our team, and we’re not done reaping the benefits of this bold move.

ShareGate is loved and needed more than ever by our IT community, and we were able to confirm just that at each and every event we attended. Our software product also stepped further into the employee experience game with new features like provisioning, cloud copy, end-user app, and communication site management.

As M365 is the centre of our hybrid work lives, ShareGate is clearly the foundation of the employee experience: making work, work. Sky’s the limit. Or Cloud. Well, you know what we mean.


Good Vibes

We felt some good vibes. Lots of good vibes.

Officevibe – GSoft’s platform that helps managers to get their team feeling and working their best –launched its new functionality: Good Vibes! Directly inspired by the outcome of Innovate’s first edition (our internal competition for developing new product features — more on this later), Good Vibes was created to reinforce employee recognition. This digital celebration highlights small victories, big efforts, and any other good move deserving of kind words, which elevates the employee experience for all (well, aren’t we on track here?). Good Vibes instantly meshed with everything that Officevibe stands for: building engagement, improving honest communication, and, of course, valuing recognition.

More than 680k Good Vibes have been sent since the launch. Shall we dare aim for a million in 2023?

We shall.

We repeated that ‘Onboarding isn’t just an HR thing.’

That line ring a bell? Probably, since our Softstart folks ran some great marketing miles with it. And for good reason: it immediately and strongly resonated with HR leaders, proving that Softstart’s approach to onboarding is on point and much needed in the hybrid work world (including the 4,000+ companies that have already tried it).

For those who missed out on GSoft’s latest product (but not for long, keep reading), who better than our CEO Simon De Baene to explain why Softstart came to be:

“We developed Softstart to help HR leaders and managers onboard newcomers with ease. But it’s also all about getting the person to feel a part of the company as quickly as possible, especially in a hybrid environment.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. In this day and age, a newcomer’s sense of belonging is much more difficult to obtain, yet all the more important for retention, ambassadorship and, ultimately, a better employee experience. Simon even gave a masterclass on the subject at C2 Montreal – the famous Canadian creative-business event – which was listened to by leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and many more ‘r’ ending sounds (about 7,500 of them).

There’s no doubt that Softstart plays a major role in bettering the employee experience, and we have high ambitions for our youngest software product. As The Offspring put it: you’re gonna go far, kid.



We waved ‘Hi’ to Canada, all of Canada.

It’s no surprise that at GSoft, we go big or we go home. This time around, we actually did both: we went big in our very own home, Canada, through a nation-wide campaign that was just scary enough to have our lawyers on standby. ‘Dear Canada’ targeted potential GSoft clients with personalized (and bold) letters that were displayed in Montreal, Toronto, and all the way to Vancouver through wild postings, digital out-of-home, and social media.

We linked this campaign with our presence at Collision, the biggest tech conference in Canada and the fastest growing in North America. To keep our marketing recipe spicy, we showed up with strong statements that were not only displayed on our booth, but also by the one and only Dude With Sign (who else, really).

We asked ‘what’s next’, and our people answered.

This year we hosted the second edition of Innovate, GSoft’s internal competition for finding solutions to challenges generated by our product managers. Out of the seventy people that took part in the game initially, four teams were picked up as finalists. They had two full weeks of incubation to work on their ideas, and in the end, one team was declared the big winner. Innovate offers anyone at GSoft the chance to truly have an impact on our software products, using their skills in areas different from their usual work and, of course, developing new ones in the process. The overall experience was a great success, but don’t take our word for it, take Amanda’s instead.

Innovate is the kind of experience that puts you out of your comfort zone. You collaborate with new colleagues, you rediscover your strengths, but also your weaknesses! It’s a real professional and personal challenge, it truly feels unique.

Amanda Intrala, Digital Marketer at GSoft

Last but not least, Santa is not the only one who’s been busy in the workshop. Yup, our innovation lab is working hard on a new software product! And it already promises to make its users take a real leap forward. No 2023 Marvel movie will get you as excited as this, mark our words.


GSoft Events

We believed there’s a better way to work, and we lived by it.

We welcomed a lot of new talents at GSoft, and went from 254 employees to 400! We also took the time to meet up face to face on three occasions, which are now events that are officially part of our culture at GSoft. Whether those grand gatherings are filled with strategic planning or activities to give back to our community, they sure are filled with joy every time (sounds cliché, but still very true). Not only do we strongly believe we’re incarnating the best way to work, but we’re even being celebrated for it. We had the honour of receiving several, well, honours, for our ways of approaching the workplace and our forward-thinking policies (their words, not ours).

GSoft awards

But as we’ve mentioned in the past, those honours belong to our team. We wouldn’t be much of an employer without our employees. A workplace can boast the best of the best software products, but you still need your people to play the game and put them to good use, in order to truly move forward as a team. If we had to pick one highlight for 2022, it’s them. Simple as that.

Martin, GSoft’s President & General Manager, sums it all up perfectly: ‘‘2022’s volatile conditions felt like the ultimate test for our business foundations, strategy and culture, and GSoft has weathered the storm very well. One thing is for sure: we were right to believe strong fundamentals and playing the long game prevails. Next year will be an opportunity to shift towards a more aggressive stance, which promises for a very exciting 2023 and beyond. Having witnessed our team coming together and pushing through as one in these challenging times gives me great confidence that we have what it takes to capitalize on what the future holds.’’

Hear, hear, Martin. Hear, hear. 

So to go back to the introduction, did we stay on track, or did we fall into a beetroot field?  

Actually, we don’t think we need to answer that. We’ve said our piece.  

Bring it, 2023.