GSoft innovation series

In some ways, GSoft kind of stumbled into innovation.
Born out of the conviction, fearlessness and risk tolerance of youth, our founders Simon, Guillaume and Sébastien had no choice but to be scrappy – to build agility into the company’s very DNA as they iterated again and again. If most companies scrap and rebuild only a small portion of their products, our two cornerstone products – ShareGate and Officevibe – were the only survivors out of a cohort of over 20 products, and were destroyed and reinvented twice before making it to market.

In our early days, we learned to resiliently churn through ideas in a matter of weeks or months. Before releasing it to the world, we needed to make sure it passed our litmus test; that it helped solve a real problem in a new way. We innovated and iterated like our company’s life depended on it. Because it did. And it still does.

That’s why GLab Innovative Products Director, Guillaume Chalifoux always tells his teams that they need to master the fine art of learning, accepting, and then walking away. Even if they’ve grown emotionally attached to a project.

But as the company has grown and matured, we’ve become a lot more curious about the actual roots of that accidental innovation. We want to understand the beliefs, processes and cultures that initially gave us that innate ability to disrupt and adapt. But most importantly: we want to make sure we understand it so we can keep fostering it as we scale and evolve.

So we’ve started an investigation. If you’ll forgive us the temporary cheesiness, one might call it an Innovation Investigation.

Taking the lead is none other than Guillaume, who spent the last year speaking to smart entrepreneurs from a range of different industries. His mission: to find out how they’ve fostered innovation, curiosity and experimentation in their own small to medium organizations.

As he’d find out, a common thread would emerge from every conversation. No matter the size, setup or industry, most innovation takes root in a set of simple and well-articulated human values. Empathy helps teams build better products; curiosity creates space for creativity; collaboration makes everything more effective.

Rest assured: these videos were created in 2019, so don’t worry we didn’t have to use compliances of COVID-19 security measures everyone is kept healthy and safe.