To know a developer is to know their passion

To the eternal anguish of our recruitment team, a development job at GSoft can’t be summed up as clear-cut code writing. Developers come from so many different backgrounds, with just as many competing interests and competencies, that trying to find a single definition of the role is almost futile.

This means that when we’re looking to fill a new developer position, the process has to be as flexible and adaptable as the role itself. Whether we’re building a new team or sending reinforcements to another, we start by identifying our basic need: a full-stack developer with SaaS experience, for example.

Once this base is established, however, it’s the candidates themselves who will fill in most of the details. One might have been the go-to for everything DevOps in their previous team, while another specialized in performance optimization or software design. Guided by their unique experience, these three candidates would approach the same task with very different methodologies.

It’s precisely this kind of unique approach that we want to amplify. The development of software as complex as ShareGate and Officevibe requires a breadth of perspectives and talent. If we just defaulted to squeezing all our devs into over-defined, one-size-fits-all roles, we’d never be able to confront the gauntlet of challenges our teams face every day.

A development job at GSoft is more of a road map than a detailed manual. The destination is clear, but it’s up to the devs themselves to find the most efficient route to get there. This way, there’s room for their innate creativity to shine and for their particular strengths to come to the fore. And we believe this freedom attracts the kind of candidates we’re looking for: curious and motivated to pursue personal and professional development.

To explore the countless perspectives towards software development at GSoft, we want to highlight a few examples from within our teams. They’re all ‘developers,’ but as you’ll see, their profiles and approaches will diverge considerably, even as they come together to raise our game to another level.