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Creating a more cohesive team by fostering an inclusive environment

May 31st, 2021 | 5 min | ,

Despite arriving at GSoft a mere six months ago, it’s safe to say that Lorent has hit the ground running. As the manager of three engineering teams tasked with supporting Officevibe’s product teams, he sees his role as a microcosm of his team: creating the best environment for success.

Reporting back: our work-from-home experiment

October 14th, 2020 | 7 min |

To us, committing to remote work means committing to our people, to supporting them in their lived experience instead of in some corporate ideal that no longer fits the mould.

Kim Scott talks candor, kindness, and communication.

June 16th, 2020 | 7 min |

We invited Kim to join us for a refreshingly honest keynote address about the practice of honesty, so-called “happiness” cultures, rethinking empathy, and tough talks.

At last! Peer-to-peer support for managers

August 14th, 2019 | 5 min |

Between chasing results and overseeing teams, managers rarely have time to ask peers for advice. Leaders often find themselves facing work issues on their own.

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