The future looks good


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What will the future hold? Our CEO takes stock.

Author :

Simon De Baene

At GSoft, we started with the desire to bring a breath of fresh air to the world of work. Over the years, our words and actions may have changed, but the basic idea is still the same: there are no limits when technology and humanity work together. Let’s think about the future.


We started our journey by developing custom software solutions for Quebec companies. Over time, we managed to make a real difference for many companies. We were driven by a passion that defied belief.

Then we created ShareGate, our first commercial product. Early on, we were just copying documents from one version of SharePoint to another. We tripped out trying to solve a problem that seemed trivial to normal people. But we were obviously on to something because Office 365 became a major player in the cloud industry.

Then we developed Officevibe: simple questions sent to employees every week to measure engagement. At the time, it was a simple, yet revolutionary practice. Today it is almost standard.


All this begs the question: how could one company create such diverse products? We knew it wasn’t just luck, but we could not find the words to fully explain why. Still, that undefinable something did not stop us from pushing forward and becoming more successful.

Until the pandemic made the entire world stop. Overnight, most companies moved to working remotely and had to rethink everything: communication, collaboration, management, belonging, culture, alignment and more. In an uncertain time, only one thing was for sure: the work experience would never be the same again.


While the pandemic tested the limits of the employee experience, it also highlighted the importance of our products in this new reality. Working remotely is obviously more difficult without cloud-based productivity tools or some kind of method to take your team’s pulse. At that point, we understood that our products were clearly destined to shape this new work experience.

It no longer makes sense to view ShareGate and Officevibe as separate, exclusive entities. They are just playing different roles in the employee experience landscape. And Softstart, our latest product, works to enhance the integration experience.



The landscape of employee experience is vast, and the opportunities are endless. The rules of the game have changed and there is plenty of room for innovation. Markets are as competitive as ever and so is the war for talent. The pressure is on, and the employee experience is a matter of survival. There is a big desire for change.

Our mission is to craft leading products to make work simpler, kinder and faster. It defines us and it extends beyond anything we have done so far. Not only does it give greater meaning to our current products, but it also paves the way forward for so many other things.


Moving forward, we need to think big and go for it. This is our opportunity, our moment, and we have everything we need to take on the bigger players.

There are so many new problems to solve, old problems to reconquer, bad products to replace, processes to automate, redundant tasks to eliminate, value to generate out of the data, solutions to democratize, emotions to experience, etc.

That is why we are embarking on the most ambitious adventure in our history. We want to create a family of products that share the same DNA. Products that work together to shape the employee experience. Products that are complementary and synergistic. Because at GSoft, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

What does that take? Dreams, ambition, talent, financial means, big goals, over-the-top thinking, and a whole lot of chutzpah. There has never been a greater need to attract the best and bring out the best in everyone. We need those driven to excel and make their mark.

At GSoft, we are software artisans who want to rethink the world of work. Nothing less. Let’s take the leap.