What we learned at Collision

What we learned at Collision

Key takeaway.

We arrived at Collision on June 20th and we had one thing in mind: to soak up all the knowledge.

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We arrived at Collision on June 20th. (For those who don’t know, Collision just so happens to be the biggest tech conference in Canada.) And we had one thing in mind: to soak up all the knowledge. We wanted to learn about ourselves – where we stand in the industry – but also about others – what’s new and exciting in the tech world? Here’s what we came away with.

Spoiler alert: it didn’t disappoint.

Employee experience is (and will remain) top of mind

We know we’re stating the obvious here, but employee retention is the TOP priority of every company out there. Regardless of the industry, too. Case in point: a few members of our team found themselves stranded in Toronto for 12h when their flight was canceled. There were no technical issues with the plane; it was a matter of staff shortage. “There’s a big interest in employee experience,” highlights Laurent St-Pierre, partnerships and alliances manager at GSoft. Sandrine Lessard, from our sales team, feels the same way: “When I would mention that our products can help with employee retention, people’s eyes would light up. These are challenging times for a lot of folks.”

We find comfort in knowing we’re doing the right thing: helping companies shape the best experience possible for their employees. Ever our latest addition, Softstart, clearly belongs. “There’s a massive appetite for onboarding. HR folks are at a loss – they need new tools that are easy to use and can be adapted to hybrid work,” says Simon De Baene, GSoft CEO and cofounder. Our software products have never felt more at home in the world of work, and we’re determined to keep growing this tech ecosystem of ours.

When I would mention that our products can help with employee retention, people’s eyes would light up. These are challenging times for a lot of folks.

Sandrine Lessard, Sales Development Representative, GSoft

It pays to walk the talk

How do we make GSoft stand out at an event full of big players? That question was top of mind when we were prepping for our appearance at Collision. We know we wanted to share our core beliefs with the world: that it’s great to have big ambitions, but if you don’t equip your teams with the right tools, they’re not going to get very far. We wanted conversations.

We also took it a step further and gave away books that inspired members of our team to create the best in employee experience. And we’re still getting requests. One of our core values at GSoft is listening to understand. So we made a point of listening to each and every person who dropped by our booth – and helped them figure out whether our products were right for them. “People really appreciated our approach.

They certainly didn’t feel like we were out to make a sale at all costs,” mentioned Émie Ratté, art director. Michael Noiseux, director of business development, couldn’t agree more: “What I admire most about our team is that we listen and that we genuinely want to help the folks who pop by our booth. I think that makes all the difference. At the end of the day, they may not remember exactly who we are, but they will remember that we were here to help them.”

‘Stay hungry. Stay foolish.’

For a tech company to quote Steve Jobs is not exactly original – that we know. But this quote in particular not only resonates within the tech community in general but also with our experience at Collision 2022. Things move quickly, and we have no choice but to stay in the loop. We’re talking cryptocurrency, the metaverse, VR, advancements in social media, you name it. They may sound like buzzwords but they’re here and they’re real. The bulk of the conferences touched on these very topics. The old Blockbuster vs. Netflix debacle may have come up more than once. Regardless of the department, you’re in – marketing, sales, IT – staying in the know is key. Were you aware that the technology used in ‘Ready Player One,’ the 2018 film by Steven Spielberg, was real? And that we could be seeing it sooner than we might think? We weren’t, but it sure does give us some ideas.
That’s all for now. See you next year!

(Also, we’re hiring.)