When curiosity fuels innovation

When curiosity fuels innovation

Key takeaway.

To innovate means solving a real problem in a new way. And then coming up with a newer way to do it. We met with SmartHalo founders Xavier Peich and Gabriel Alberola, as well as our cofounder Guillaume Roy to find out how curiosity fosters innovation.

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SmartHalo may have already raised over $1.7M on Kickstarter and made its way into Apple stores, but they’re not ready to lean back and call it a day quite yet. As they work on the second version of their smart bike device, they’ve made it a priority to build a corporate culture that keeps everyone on their feet and acutely aware of the latest developments in technology, trends and in their competitor’s strategies. Because just like us, their client base is a constantly moving target of rapidly evolving needs, wants and expectations.


Words we won’t soon forget

Our goal as a business is to still be around in 100 years. To do that, we know that we have no choice but to innovate, to create new products, and to respond to new client demands. It’s a matter of always knowing how you want to change the game for your clients.

Guillaume Roy
COO of Officevibe by GSoft

As you think of the future of your company and industry, try imagining the tool or technology that could one day overtake yours.

What might it look like? What would be the hardest part of making it a reality? What would a team need to make it happen and be the first the market? Then ask yourself: are there steps you can take today to make sure you’ll be best positioned to disrupt your market? Luck is where opportunity meets preparation, after all.

There’s a reason why most companies don’t last forever. It’s because at some point, they start resting on their laurels and stop innovating. I think you have to constantly try finding new markets. One of the ways of doing that is to make ourselves obsolete with our next solution – to not let anyone else disrupt us, but to disrupt ourselves.

Gabriel Alberola and Xavier Peich
Cofounders, SmartHalo

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