The tech that makes better leaders

And as a result, healthier and more stimulating work environments.

Work harder. Faster. Longer. All the time.


Technology has dictated the pace of work for long enough. Collectively, we need to revisit our priorities.

People are our top priority. With our hearts in the right place and our hands on the technology, we’re reimagining the world of work every day.

The power to grow

Technology that actually helps people feel more human and autonomous? Sounds like an alternate universe! (We like thinking differently.) Leaders can become the best version of themselves by taking advantage of:
Custom polls

Custom polls

  • Custom polls
  • Anonymous conversations
  • Weekly automated reports
  • Engagement data
  • Trend indicators
  • Resources for learning

We are all connected

Seeing our clients around the world progress and innovate is proof that thousands of humans are more engaged at work. That motivates us even more.

I believe it’s a great way to keep in touch with what employees are thinking because they can speak openly and truthfully.

Irene ReadDirector of Sales, BBC Worldwide