Indispensable for IT managers

(25,000 managers worldwide, to be exact)

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses in the 21st century is the adoption of cloud technologies.

Cloud tech helps companies make work more stimulating and engaging, helps them stay relevant and competitive, and lets everything move faster. We're onto something big.

The key to a company’s survival and productivity

Cloud technologies revolutionize the world of work by:

  • Democratizing access to more technological power
  • Giving organizations greater agility to innovate more
  • Allowing knowledge sharing
  • Facilitating collaboration
  • Ensuring employees’ mobility
  • And much more

A comprehensive ecosystem of products

ShareGate is an ecosystem of products that helps companies adopt cloud technologies safely, simply and intelligently. ShareGate creates products that are nothing short of essential.

SG Desktop: Migrate to Office 365 and structure and organize the new environment.

SG Apricot: Manage the Office 365 environment collaboratively.

SG Overcast: Gain control of Azure costs.

ShareGate by the numbers

5,500+ terabytes of data migrated in the past 12 months

13,000+ customers

100+ countries where ShareGate is used

100+ dedicated employees

A few of our clients