Indispensable for IT managers

(25,000 managers worldwide, to be exact)

The greatest challenge facing businesses in the 21st century

Is the adoption of cloud technologies that evolve constantly.

A close second is how to optimize that technology to lighten everyone’s load, and help people feel more engaged and creative at work.

Crucial to business sustainability and success

Our products are easy to understand and enjoyable to use. Companies that use ShareGate products feel more in control, which means they devote their time to driving their business.

Problem? Our technical support has the expertise to fix it, as testified by the many industry awards we've received. We provide more than technical support; we support productivity.

In a nutshell: ShareGate is addictive

Above and beyond its popularity, ShareGate gathers some pretty life-changing features. Here are a few:
ShareGate Desktop

ShareGate Desktop is the long-hoped-for assistant for planning, preparing and performing a hassle-free cloud platforms migration as well as helping in restructuring and organizing IT environment.

  • ShareGate Desktop
  • ShareGate Apricot
  • ShareGate Overcast

Geeks or non-geeks,
we all speak the same language

Our client roster reaches beyond IT companies.

ShareGate Desktop continues to improve frequently, with new functions, tools, plus super responsive customer support! Awesome!

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