You don’t need to move to California to land your dream job

We use technological complexity to make people's lives easier. We get it done thanks to a team of bright minds who also show tons of heart (yes, they do exist).

Our products are used in more than 100 countries. They’re made in Montreal — a big city with lots of heart (like us).
Our Values

F*ck impossible

Having the guts to take risks is part of our DNA.

It’s an attitude that’s gotten us to where we are today: some big successes, but some pretty big failures, too.

Failure is the foundation of our success.

Failure fraidy-cats, beware!

Evolving every day

An insatiable desire to learn and evolve fuels our formula for long-term success.

But most importantly, it’s what motivates us every day.

Aim for quality

Relentless rigour ultimately leads us to success, even though it involves a few failures along the way.

Building together

We cultivate an environment where everyone can be themselves and accomplish more together.

What we deliver

Technological complexity X humans

We put people at the heart of our tech products. We also put them at the heart of our employment practices. It’s more than just a contract, it’s a relationship.

Learn like we breathe

Tech never stops evolving. If we want to have a shot at keeping up with it, learning is crucial to both our progress and our relevance.

Here, development and improvement are as natural as breathing.

Experimentation (_loop)

We make mistakes. We learn. We try again. We succeed. Our products are the result. And through it all, we stay excited and engaged.

Is it a crazy idea, or a brilliant one? If you never try, you'll never know. We’re all for taking initiatives, at GLab and everywhere else.

Work/passion balance

Need a day off?

Or to work from home?

Or maybe to reinvent yourself?

We offer flex hours.

A celebration of our differences

We accomplish more together than we do alone. Because a bunch of different brains playing ping pong have more fun than one all alone in a (dark) corner.

If you’re the type who gets your best ideas while roaming the halls in your bare feet, we’re with you all the way (but you’ll understand if we wait back at the G-café).

Glide right through your workday

Or unicycle. Or longboard. Or swordfight.

Whatever their sport of choice, we encourage our employees to practice it as much as they like.

Even during work hours (go easy with the swordfighting, though).

Supply green fuel

Good food nourishes creativity, which in turn feeds into our products.

From Monday to Wednesday, a healthy lunch is on us.

(Well…technically, it’s on a plate.)

Our internships

The much-more-than-an-internship internship

You won’t find any interns making coffee here.

An internship with us is truly the start of a professional career.

Interns work on real projects and are fully immersed in the technological complexity that stimulates us.

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