Bold projects, shared with the world

Challenging? Yeah.
Rewarding? Hell, yeah.

Our brands are used by thousands of companies in more than 100 countries.

They’re created by brilliant minds who also show tons of heart (yes, they do exist).

GSoft is based in Montreal — a vibrant place on a human scale (just like us).

The GSoft ecosystem


Helps businesses transition to the new era of cloud technology.


Helps managers to better lead more engaged teams.


Prototypes and tests new ideas and functionalities for all brands and for work processes.


Fuels its brands’ best practices, security, processes, marketing, and much more.

We love to work:

As a team
By being ourselves
By questioning ourselves
By learning from our mistakes
By trying crazy things
By questioning what works
By changing what doesn’t work


People who bring a combination of talent and expertise to the table. People who like to challenge themselves to be and do better, while always remaining humble and being team players. In short, we like people who carry the ball and know how to pass it to score goals.


In a nice little borough of Southwest Montreal. We’re proof that anything is possible.

What we deliver
We offer conditions that help our employees meet and surpass their goals.

Learn like we breathe

Tech never stops evolving. The only way to keep up with it is to learn. Here, ongoing training, coaching, mentoring and communities of practice are as innate to us as breathing.

Experimentation (_loop)

We make mistakes. We learn. We start over. We succeed. GSoft's brands are the result. Have a crazy idea? We support initiatives everywhere.

Work/passion balance

Need a day off?
Or to work from home?
Or maybe to reinvent yourself?

We offer flex hours — even for days off and vacation.

And for parents bringing a new life into the world, we offer ample conditions there, too.

Celebrating effort

We each play a role in our collective success. We work hard together and each year, a portion of GSoft's profits are shared among all employees.

We also contribute to our employees' RRSPs and TFSAs to ensure that their efforts today offer pay off down the road.

Glide right through your workday

Or unicycle. Or longboard. Or swordfight.

Whatever their activity of choice, our employees are encouraged to practice it as much as they like, even during work hours (go easy with the swordfighting, though).

We also offer reimbursements for sports and sporting equipment, and we cover the cost of BIXI memberships.

It's easy being green

Good food nourishes creativity, which in turn feeds into our achievements. From Monday to Wednesday, a healthy lunch is on us (well…technically, it’s on a plate). We also reimburse the amount of a monthly STM pass, to keep the green going.

Our internships

The much-more-than-an-internship internship

An internship with us is truly the start of a professional career.

Interns work on actual mandates and are fully immersed in stimulating and complex technological projects.

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