GSOFT is looking for an Inbound Marketing specialist to help with the continued success of the Sharegate team. 

Our tool, Sharegate, is sold and promoted online and used daily across the globe. We are proud to count public and corporate entities such as NASA, Coca-Cola, the American Army and the Canadian Armed Forces as well as many others among our clients.  

A typical day : 

  • Coordinating the publication of online content 
  • Adding the content to platforms such as Wordpress and Slideshare 
  • Revising, re-thinking and correcting previously published online content  
  • Sending promotional items to current and potential clients 
  • Writing press releases. 
  • Getting to work with the greatest team in Quebec…and the world! 

Our ideal candidate : 

  • Someone authentic
  • Is creative and loves to innovate 
  • Methodical with a great attention to detail  
  • Perfectly bilingual (both written and spoken) in French and English 
  • Holds a degree in marketing or an equivalent program 
  • Has 3 to 5 years of experience in the field

You Enjoy:

  • A flexible schedule
  • Having your opinions considered and encouraged
  • Working in an inspirational office
  • Getting around on skateboards and scooters
  • Team activities: Happy Hours, LAN, hockey, paintball, family olympics, etc.
  • Being active in your community
  • Insurance and RRSP benefits
  • Having your lunch delivered right to your office
  • Taking advantage of free public transit (OPUS card, Bixi key)
  • Having unlimited vacation days
  • Having the chance to travel the world with your colleagues

GSOFT is a Quebec-based software engineering company that sets itself apart from others in the industry through a workplace culture based on employee happiness, and an undying passion for developing high quality software that has a positive impact on people’s lives at work.

Our most recognized products are Sharegate, a globally-recognized tool that makes Office 365 & SharePoint management simpler than ever, and Officevibe, a growing platform that increases employee engagement by giving them a unique voice within an organization, and also allows employers to monitor and manage employee satisfaction.

In addition to these products, for over 10 years we’ve been creating high quality custom software for a large number of businesses. With more than 10,000 clients in over 90 countries, GSOFT is claiming its spot as a global leader in the technology industry.

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The application period is closed.

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