GSOFT wants to change the world of work through its practices and its products. Our focus: people.

We want to challenge the establishment and revolutionize the world of work by making people the focal point of organizations. Through our products, we now have a direct impact on hundreds of thousands of workers around the world.

As a member of the Officevibe team, you will have a significant impact on the experience of its thousands of users while providing our customers (managers for the most part) with better tools to help them focus first and foremost on the individuals who are part of their work team.

Role and responsibilities:

We are looking for somebody committed to the development of his team and who will see that it thrives.

As the sales team manager, you will aim to develop both the business practices and expertise of your team members by providing them with guidance and leading by example. This could include making customer calls alongside your team, preparing workshops or even preparing specific training programs.

Given the market’s competitiveness, your mandate will involve being attentive to your team member’s reality so as to bring out their best and help them become industry leaders, in expertise, knowledge and empathy.

We aren’t going to lie: you will be overseeing more than a few projects. So a strong interest in developing initiatives, such as setting up an account management system to make communications with our customers easier, is essential.

Seeing that the Officevibe brand is supported by sales as well as the relationship between the team and its customers, you will have to set your team’s priorities and goals according to the company’s business priorities—qualitative or quantitative—and see that team members are wholly committed to reaching common and well thought out objectives.

Expertise sought:

Team coaching being the most important aspect of this position, you will be an experienced leader and will have worked with a sales team. Ideally, you have been involved in sales and have a good understanding of SaaS products as well as HR-related environments.

You are development-oriented and always striving to stay ahead of the game, not only in your field but also in management, so as to better steer your team towards your true passion: sales.

Thanks to your strategic sense, you can outline upcoming projects and initiatives so as to reach specific business targets.

You are bilingual and all set to increase Officevibe’s visibility in the international marketplace.

You firmly believe in the potential of the Officevibe product and in its added value for businesses looking to improve their corporate culture.

Work. An innovative space.

This idea of one big family isn’t just some value written down in some obscure official document. We live by it. It shines through in all your colleagues’ implicit trust and unwavering support, in times of great success or utter failure.

Our values are integral components of our performance assessments and of everything that inspires us to achieve our ambitious goals. You will find them intertwined in the various benefits and tools made available to you to ensure your well-being within the organization. This will allow you to express yourself, to thrive and to develop your creativity in an environment which will accommodate your day-to-day life and productivity needs.

The future of work lies with humans. To build this future, we must lay the groundwork, fly blind from time to time and embrace uneasiness. Challenging the establishment requires courage, being open-minded and a strong desire to say fuck impossible.

Current hot topics in the sales team:

  • Coach, Agile, upsale, renewal, teamwork, product development, account management, digital workplace international market, HR
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