Transform the world of work for millions

Give your ideas wings to fly. Collaborate in the design of software solutions used by businesses around the world – every day. Are you ready to reimagine the future of work with us?


Find creative solutions collaboratively

We learn, we innovate, and we cross the finish line together. We give your ideas and ambitions room to flourish. Work with one of our talented teams.


Software development

This team partakes in all aspects of the development life cycle. We have two products and several work cells 100% responsible for their projects.


Data science

These experts transform loads of raw data into essential tools for the entire team. We rely on them to up our data game.

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Product management

If it weren’t for our passionate user-experience junkies, our solutions wouldn’t be so darn easy to use. They put themselves in our customers’ shoes and bring innovative functionalities to life.

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Management team

These lovely leaders support and share our culture of innovation. They guide their (autonomous) teams and help them conquer complex challenges every day.

Our culture

Fashioning ideas of all sizes

We’re a team of intrapreneurs and the future of work is what we’re building. Our company not only embraces change – it welcomes it. And when the unthinkable happens, we continue to innovate for our fellow humans. We’re a digital-first company and proud of it.

Software products

Help humans collaborate

We’re more than just a tech shop. We’re building the future of work with software solutions that bring positive change to millions.


Student internships


Eager to work on real projects?

Ready to build your expertise with our talented team of experts? Get to ready to leave your mark from A to Z – because you’ll be designing, coding and testing. Help us revamp the world of work from day one of your internship.

Enjoy your internship remotely

We work 100% remotely without sacrificing what makes us, us. We’ve worked tirelessly to recreate the office vibe we’re so proud of, from the comfort of home.

Ready to turn your ideas into world-class software solutions?