We are the team in teamwork. Isn’t it nice how that all ‘works’ out.

We’re real professionals when it comes to our employees′ professional growth.

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Benefits that make all the difference

Photo of GSoft employees working in office

We truly value our values. They’re not just fancy catchphrases or motivational posters that we hang up around our office to impress our clients. They’re a portrait, a snapshot, of the kind of people we strive to be – and the better ways we like to work.

We believe that to achieve these better ways, it has to start within our own walls. That the future of work starts and lives right here. We know, it’s no small mission. But it’s what we love to do, and it really shows in our work.

This is how we hire

As easy as 1-2-3…4

  1. Telephone interview

    You’ve googled us a few times. We’ve seen your CV and LinkedIn profile. So now’s a pretty good time for a conversation. An informal chat about the role, the projects, the company, yourself and anything else you’d like to know.

  2. Video interview

    Now’s the chance for both of us to really find out if we’re a good fit. Over an hour-long chat with a hiring manager and recruiter, we’ll talk about your background, experiences, aspirations. And you get to ask us about what’s in it for you.

  3. Worksample

    Time to show off your chops. This worksample is a great test drive for you to see if you like the way we work. It’ll give you a great sense of the job. And for us, a sense of your level of expertise and how we can best work together.

  4. Send offer

    If we like what we see and what we hear, and once we’ve established what your role involves, we’ll send you an offer. Our salaries, as you’ll see, are fair and competitive.


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