Our stack

  1. Back-end

    With its monolithic architecture separated into microservices, our back-end is developed in C# with .NET Core and MongoDB, and is hosted by Kubernetes and Microsoft Azure.

  2. Front-end

    Our responsive front-end is developed with the latest version of React (Hooks), Redux and TypeScript. For styling we use a mix of our open sourced in-house library SG:Orbit, css-in-js, SASS and Framer-Motion for animations.

  3. Software design

    True to the domain-driven software design (DDD) approach based on event sourcing and CQRS architecture, we apply SOLID principles.

  4. Toolbox

    We use Azure DevOps, Git, PowerShell, Docker and Kubernetes.

  5. Otherwise...

    We use a wide variety of JavaScript tools such as Node, Yarn, Jest, Babel and Webpack. Igloo, our design system, allows us to quickly develop features that conform to our products’ visual identity.

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