The future of work is human.

Our quest is to help make the world (of work) better by developing technological tools that are smart, simple and powerful. We do it by making people our priority. It's what gives meaning to everything we do.

Make yourself at home

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  • An island of one's own
  • Coming together
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  • Travelling from the inside
  • Collaboration
  • Details that count

Aim for quality

Relentless rigour ultimately leads us to success, even though it involves a few failures along the way.

F*ck impossible

Having the guts to take risks is part of our DNA.

It’s the attitude that’s gotten us to where we are today: some big successes, but some pretty big failures, too.

Failure is the foundation of our success.

Building together

We cultivate an environment where everyone can be themselves and accomplish more together.

Evolving every day

An insatiable desire to learn and evolve fuels our formula for long-term success. But most importantly, it’s what motivates us every day.

From our employees' perspective

«GSoft is a perfect place for curious people who value learning. I feel at home!»
Janice LaGiorgiaProduct & UX Content Strategist
The Nordelec

Our building is part of Montreal’s history:

We live at The Nordelec. Built in 1913, it’s where Montreal's industrial heritage and its modernity meet.

In 2019 we’ll be moving to a new space on the ground level that’s even better adapted to our needs.

GSoft citizen

Changing the world starts at home

GSoft is an ambitious company and we share that ambition with the communities in which we operate. We're actively involved in several social organizations, including Technovation, and we encourage our employees to volunteer during regular business hours. Visit Technovation Montréal

To better understand GSoft's impact on the planet, we recently began the process for BCorp certification. BCorp is a community of companies doing business differently. Visit