The future of work is human.

Our quest is to help make the world (of work) better. We do it by putting people at the heart of how we work. It's what gives meaning to everything we do.

By cultivating a stimulating environment that emphasizes:

Achieving simplicity through complexity

Ideas and experimentation

The dynamic duo of “trial and error”

Collective intelligence

From our employees' perspective

GSoft's culture is creative, respectful and energetic

Kevin Yuanchen LiuSEO Strategist at GSoft for 1 year and 4 months
Our headquarters

Our building is part of Montreal’s history:

It was built in 1913 for Northern Electric, one of the most innovative firms in the electricity industry.

Today, we keep the tradition of innovation alive within its walls.

Make yourself at home

  • An island of one's own
  • Coming together
  • Little extras
  • Anti-boredom spaces
  • Travelling from the inside
  • Collaboration
  • Ideas festival
  • Details that count
GSoft Citizen

Changing the world starts at home

Street food event where GSoft provides meals to disadvantaged families.

The Breakfast Club

For many years, we've been serving meals to children in need in our neighbourhood.

Day at La Ronde where 20 children are invited to join GSoft employees for some free fun.

A magical day at La Ronde

Every year since 2010, GSoft has invited fifty children who receive treatment at CHU Sainte-Justine to La Ronde to help them forget the challenges of their daily lives.