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Our workplace culture is our best accomplishment.


GSOFT is a tech company in Quebec that’s known for their culture focused on employee happiness, as well as their passion for innovation and the creation of products that have a positive impact in the workplace.

Happiness Has no Price, Limit, or Place.

We sincerely believe that everyone deserves to be happy, both at work and at home. We spend the best years of our lives working, so why not do it with passion, without regrets and surrounded by incredible people who believe in us?

It is by making happiness our highest priority that we have succeeded in achieving great things, and forging such a strong corporate culture. Little by little, we strive to influence organizations around the world to take a step in the right direction, and create a happier work life for all.

The World Is Ours

Innovation to Drive Growth

Innovation is an integral part of our everyday life, and ensures that we always stay relevant. To innovate – and do it well – we need to ask ourselves the right questions. We need to reinvent and push ourselves further, a challenge that feeds us and leads us to create great things. Our satellite office, the birthplace of some our greatest innovations, was created for this purpose. This workplace, located in a new city each year on the other side of the world, pushes us out of our comfort zone, stimulates our creativity, and helps us to forge a team spirit that is simply incomparable.

A Workplace that Inspires

Our offices are both young and out of the ordinary – kind of like us! Open, unifying, and focused on the well-being of employees, our workspaces encourage productivity and stimulate creativity. A café, a skate ramp, nap spaces (yes yes), and unique conference rooms are only part of everything that has been set up to ensure an inspiring work environment. #keepgsoftweird

Confidence & Balance

The confidence that managers have in their teams help employees become more responsible, and ensures everyone’s professional development. All this while allowing for an ideal work-life balance. Flexible schedules, unlimited vacation time (yep, you read that right), as well as remote work means we can recharge our batteries when needed. It makes our lives easier and allows us to focus on what matters most. ❤️


Authentic & Fun

We say it often: we are a tight-knit family that isn’t afraid to have fun and to be weird. We are ourselves, whether introverted or extroverted, party animal or not, and it’s this diversity that make the GSOFT family amazing. #oneGSOFT

A Healthy Soul in a Healthy Body

To be our best selves at work, we must first and foremost take care of what is most important: our health. Raising awareness, facilitating healthy lifestyle choices, and giving access to the necessary resources to feel good about ourselves, are integral parts of the initiatives we have taken to improve our lives at work. Employee assistance programs, healthy lunches and snacks, as well as the reimbursement of sports activities, are only a few examples of concrete actions established for this purpose.

Leaders, not Bosses

It’s well known in the working world, an employee rarely leaves a job because of the organization, but rather because of the manager. That’s why it’s so important for us that our leaders aim above all to inspire us, help us grow, and to drive us towards a global objective and common vision.

Tools and Methodologies to Promote Productivity

Working with the best tools and continually improving our work methodologies allows us to focus on the topics and tasks that matter, as well as fostering teamwork and collective intelligence. Because we believe that lessening the stress of everyday life will make us better at we do and make us happier at work. Don’t you?

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Vision & Mission

Our mission is to have a positive impact in the lives of people at work. This mission is a part of our bigger vision, which is a world where all organizations give the utmost importance to employee happiness.

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