Together, let’s transform the workplace.

October 16 2018 TOHU, Montreal.

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A forum to rethink companies

Above all, CultureFest is an opportunity to exchange, get inspired and learn, in order to create a movement that will rebuild the workplace.

During this day of conferences and experimenting, let’s take the time to think about inevitable challenges like the learning culture, corporate innovation, the search for meaning in organizations and creating more diverse, inclusive workplaces.

Because things don’t just change on their own, let’s come together to make a difference!

3 Reasons to Attend CultureFest

Learn and Apply

Whether it be through our expert’s conferences or our new workshops, the CultureFest team really wants you to leave the TOHU with ideas that are applicable to your working environment.

Think Together

CultureFest gives you the opportunity to connect with a unique community of practice that also want to revolutionize the way we work.

Be Part of Something Unique

CultureFest combines technologies and innovative organizational practices in a memorable space to help us pave the way for the future of work.

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