Together, let’s transform the workplace.

October 16 2018 TOHU, Montreal.

A forum to rethink companies

Above all, CultureFest is an opportunity to exchange, get inspired and learn, in order to create a movement that will rebuild the workplace.

During this day of conferences and experimenting, let’s take the time to think about inevitable challenges like the learning culture, corporate innovation, the search for meaning in organizations and creating more diverse, inclusive workplaces.

Because things don’t just change on their own, let’s come together to make a difference!

Idea bearers


Learning culture


Jean-Daniel Petit 

President and founder at Beside Media House


Founder and president of BESIDE, a premium media brand who aims to bridge the gap between humans and nature with high quality content and memorable experiences. He is also the co-founder of abitibi&co., a Québec-based business that manufactures canoes and kayaks, which are sold throughout Canada and the United States. He has worked in the communications industry for over 10 years, where he collaborated with local and international clients like Paramount Pictures, Coca-Cola, Georges St-Pierre, New Era, Cirque du Soleil, Adidas, McDonald’s, etc. / Over his career, he has won many design and marketing awards across North America.


Louis Morissette

Author and producer at KOTV


Louis, a class of 1996 graduate from L’École nationale de l’humour, stood out from the beginning with his scathing humor, which earned him, among other things, the Jury Prize in the comedy competition Laval qui rit. He has evolved over the years to become a full-fledged author and comedian, becoming the head of KOTV, which he founded in 2011 with Louis-Philippe Drolet and Alain Chicoine. KOTV now includes KO Media, KO Édition, KO Scène and KO 24. He’s an important figure in Quebec’s cultural and media scene and never refuses to question himself in order to improve as a manager and as a human being.


Valérie Robitaille

Co-founder and CEO of XpertSea


Valérie is co-founder and CEO of XpertSea. A rigorous scientist and energetic entrepreneur, she has been passionate about the oceans from an early age. In 2007 she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from Maine Maritime Academy, then pursued her master’s degree in Geoengineering from the National Institute of Scientific Research in Quebec City. Using knowledge acquired during her studies in optics and photonics application for marine environment, Valerie and her co-founders launched XpertSea, a company solving critical technology gaps in the aquaculture industry. Valerie has several technology patents under her name and she is actively involved in Cleantech and Women in technology initiatives.


Tristan Vendé

Décathlon Canada


Passionate advocate of physical activity, Tristan began his Décathlon’s adventure as a product designer. He now wears many hats, including leading the development of the brand in the greater Montreal area and Canada. Newly arrived in the Montreal sphere, Décathlon is distinguishing itself by its inventive vision of the consumer experience.


Marie-Josée Richer

Co-founder of PRANA


Visionary social entrepreneure, Marie-Josée, mother of 3 young boys, co-founded PRANA in 2005. A leader in the organic food industry for now 13 years, PRANA is actively involved in changing the food landscape to build a better world for future generations. Driven by the desire to have a positive impact and respond to social and environmental issues, she uses entrepreneurship as a driver for change. Today, she inspires consumers to rethink how they consume.  She also encourages companies to adopt a triple bottom line approach (people, profit and planet), employed since PRANA’s inception.


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Valérie Pisano

President and CEO of Mila


Valérie has over 10 years of experience in diversity, leadership, organizational culture and teamwork dynamics. Appointed CEO of Mila—an artificial intelligence research lab—she joins an emerging group of women leading tech companies, here and abroad. She was Chief Talent Officer at Cirque du Soleil and cofounded The Mobïus Bias Project, an initiative focused on accelerating the dialogue on female leadership roles by exploring unconscious bias influences in our daily interactions. She began her career at McKinsey & Company after a Master Degree in Economics at HEC Montreal and is now the proud mother of three girls.

Learning Culture

Robert Kegan

Psychologist and author

Robert is the William and Miriam Meehan Research Professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. The recipient of numerous honorary degrees and awards, his forty years of research and writing on adult development have influenced the practice of leadership development, executive coaching, and change management throughout the world. His most recent co-authored book, An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization, has already won several awards and is a business-best seller in Japan. For the past several years, Bob has served as a trusted advisor to CEOs in the private and public sectors in the US, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Animated by

Noémi Mercier



Journalist known for her rigour and beautiful writing, Noémi has published compelling long-form stories and profiles in L’actualité and Québec Science magazines. Her investigation into sexual violence in the Canadian Armed Forces, published in L’actualité and Maclean’s in 2014 – generated substantial reforms within the military.

Noémi has a strong interest in gender issues, which she dissects every month in her column “Des gars, des filles.”

Starting in January, she will host the new documentary series Kébec, on Télé-Québec. She is also an analyst on Dans les médias on Télé-Québec, and is one of the voices of Radio-Canada’s new cultural radio show, Pas tous en même temps.

Noémi has won many prestigious journalism awards. This past February, she was chosen Print Journalist of the Year at the Dynastie Gala, honouring Quebec media personalities from black communities.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from McGill University.

Culture and Social Impact Workshop

Organizations carry an enormous potential for impact be it internally on their employees, or externally on the communities that surround them and on society at large. In the context of CultureFest, Credo, a social impact consulting firm, offers you a participative workshop where you will explore the multiple links between an organization’ culture and its impact on society. During this hour long workshop, you will be part of a small discussion group that will allow you to reflect on this topic in the context of your organization and those of your group members. The goal? Empowering you to become a change agent within your company!

Collective Ideation Workshop

How do you harness the meaning of CultureFest’s movement? The workshop offered by P(r)OSE Mémoriste, a unique storytelling company, will allow you to consolidate the day’s learnings through rich conversations. By asking thoughtful questions, P(r)OSE Mémoriste will lead you to create meaning between the topics covered since the morning and share your story with your peers. Our intention? To offer you, after the event, a toolbox gathering your suggestions and ideals, to creatively and innovatively perceive the infinite possibilities of the future of work. With this inventory, you can push your thinking forward and, who knows, initiate real change in your organization.

3 Reasons to Attend CultureFest

Learn and Apply

Leave the TOHU with ideas that are applicable to your working environment.

Think Together

Connect with a unique community of practice that also want to revolutionize the way we work.

Be Part of Something Unique

CultureFest combines technologies and innovative organizational practices in a memorable space.


When and where is CultureFest?


CultureFest takes place on October 16, 2018, at TOHU, located at 2345 Jarry Street E, Montreal, QC H1Z 4P3, Canada.

When does the event begin?


The doors of the TOHU will open at 7:30 to welcome you for coffee and breakfast. The event will start in the main auditorium at 8:30.

When does the event end?


Conferences should be completed between 4:30 pm and 5 pm We invite you to stay on site to exchange and enjoy our facilities during the 5 to 7. There will be bites, cocktails and other drinks provided on site. Can you imagine a better way to finish this day?

Is there parking nearby?


There will be a space reserved for CultureFest participants in the parking lot adjacent to the TOHU. However, there will be fewer than 500 places. We suggest you to plan carpooling. In addition, it's better for the environment! Otherwise, do not hesitate to come by public transport.

How can I get around by public transit?


From Jarry metro Station (Orange Line) , take the bus 193-E and get off at the corner of Jarry and Iberville. You will only have three minutes to walk next.  From Iberville metro station (Blue Line), take the bus 94-N to Jarry / Iberville. 94-N also departs from the Green Line at Frontenac Station.

Do I have to print my ticket?


When you arrive, we invite you to have your ticket in hand, whether in electronic or paper format. This will allow you to have quick access to your badge, and the coffee and breakfast area.  For any inquiries regarding the purchase of tickets, click here.

Is the event in French or English?


The event is bilingual. This year again we will receive an English speaker. There will be no simultaneous translation or subtitles.

Do I have to bring my lunch and snacks?


All meals are provided, including snacks and drinks.

Do I have to bring a notebook?


No! We will give you a notebook and a pencil to take notes during the day!

Will there be wireless internet (Wifi)?


Wireless Internet will be available throughout the day. The code will be provided on site.

Will there be a cloakroom?


We all hope good weather, but we can not promise anything! You will have access to a cloakroom on arrival. There is no additional charge.

Will there be photos and videos taken on site?


By agreeing to join us, you also agree to be photographed and videotaped during the day. In addition, please note that it is forbidden to film the conference in part or as a whole.


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