GSOFT Before Today

The Extraordinary Story of a Quebec Company that Started from Scratch

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The events that made us what we are today.

April 2006

GSOFT is Founded

Our story begins on April 11th. 2006, when Simon De Baene, Guillaume Roy, Sebastien Leduc, and Maxime Boissoneault combined an idea with a common goal: to bring a breath of fresh air to the Information Technology industry in Quebec. In a humble Cote-des-Neiges 7 ½ apartment, these four young men launched what would become GSOFT’s epic journey…

April 2008

Opening of our First Office

Fueled by a big development project with Aéroport de Montréal, we unveiled our first official office. This point would mark the beginning of a series of new, large-scale projects for GSOFT. 

May 2009

Sharegate is Born

Already on the path to success thanks to our development of custom software for our clients, we sought to take our expertise to a whole new level. To accomplish this, we launched Sharegate, a powerful tool that simplifies the lives of Microsoft SharePoint administrators. This marked our first venture into the world of product development.

January 2010

Employee Happiness Becomes our Priority

After accumulating several years of experience, we realized that happiness is literally the key to success, At that moment, a true shift in mentality took place, and a commitment to employee happiness becomes our top priority. Several initiatives were put in place, and it is at this point that GSOFT really begins to take off.

August 2010

A Tradition is Born: The Dream Day at La Ronde

We started a tradition that we hold very close to our hearts: giving 50 children from the CHU Ste-Justine an opportunity to experience a dream day at La Ronde, with the aim of making a difference in their lives. Big thanks to Maxime Boissoneault for being such a huge part of this cause on a yearly basis.

January 2011

The Rebirth of Sharegate

Two years after Sharegate’s first line of code is written, and with one million dollars invested in the project, we had a grand total of four clients. Sharegate is a failure. We had to make the difficult decision to throw Sharegate, as it was, in the trash, and completely start over from scratch. The new version that came out of this would become GSOFT’s biggest commercial success, accumulating more than 10,000 clients throughout 90 countries. Behind every success story, there are several pitfalls along the way, and we definitely experienced our share.

November 2011

The Start of our Yearly trips

We tore down the concept of traditional office Christmas dinners, and instead decided that we would take all of our employees to out-of-country destinations in order to celebrate the successes of the past year. Over time, and sometimes with more than 115 people in tow, we’ve visited Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Punta Cana, and Varadero.

August 2013

Officevibe is Launched

Officevibe is launched with the goal of helping organizations across the globe implement a workplace culture based on happiness – similar to that of GSOFT. In order for such a culture to be adopted, organizations need to measure and improve employee engagement according to expert advice, and this is exactly what Officevibe accomplishes.

January 2013

A Great Honor

Simon De Baene, our president, wins the Ernst & Young “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award, which is a massive nod of industry recognition.

January 2013

Introduction of the Unlimited Vacation Policy 

Inspired by Netflix, we decided to introduce the concept of unlimited vacations, which aims to promote employee accountability, as well as to highlight the huge amount of trust we have in them.

January 2014

The Shift Towards the "Cloud”

This is the beginning of a quick shift toward cloud computing on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 for a large portion of our custom development projects, as well as our products.

November 2014

Officevibe is Completely Rebuilt

We come to the painful realization that Officevibe is a failure and, similar to Sharegate, we decide to completely rebuild the product. This decision pays off greatly, and leads to another huge success. Our first sale is finalized a mere three hours after launching the revamped version.

March 2015

Sharegate Hits its First $1M in Monthly Revenue

Sharegate hits more than a million dollars in monthly revenue for the first time. In order to properly celebrate this huge achievement, the team takes a weekend getaway to New York City.

July 2015

Grand Opening of Our First Satellite Office in Barcelona

Since travelling allows you to get out of your comfort zone, and inspires a totally different state of mind, we decided to open a satellite office in Barcelona. Teams consisting of 6 members leave for a period of two weeks, in order to work on projects that contribute to organizational innovation, and which lead to a whole new level of success.

October 2015

GSOFT in the Top 300

We are officially ranked in Les Affaires’ “300 biggest SMBs in Quebec”.

March 2016

100% Revenue Growth

In less than 12 months, we increased our monthly revenue by 100%. We’re more motivated than ever to out-do ourselves.

April 2016

Opening of the New Office

The office space increases from 18,000 to 36,000 sq ft in record time. The new space is designed with employee wellness in mind: skate ramp, coffee bar, imaginative conference rooms, everything’s there.

May 2016

GSOFT’s 10-year anniversary

In the city of Charlevoix, we celebrated, in the company of our spouses, GSOFT’s 10-year anniversary. We took the time to appreciate and pay tribute to how far GSOFT has come in the last 10 years, and realized that one thing is crystal clear: GSOFT is here to stay.