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What’s our deal?

Let us tell it like it is: thanks to ShareGate and Officevibe, GSoft enjoyed revenues exceeding $100M last year alone. To say the company is successful is an understatement. But success seldom sticks around when you fail to build the next big thing. That’s where we come in.

If GSoft is home to the essential products to build strong employee experiences, the Lab is where we’re laying down the groundwork

Our small group of intrapreneurs obsesses over two things:

  1. What are the most urgent and painful problems currently plaguing knowledge workers and their businesses?
  2. How can we experiment to build the most innovative and simple solutions to address those problems?

Our role

Create exciting new software products that scale and offer simple solutions to (real) painful problems.

We detail ambitious product visions. We elaborate bold strategies. We design unique products.

Go beyond prototyping and actually push our creation to market.

We build brands. We launch products that work. We make sure our targets love our offerings.

Make sure our products feel at home within the GSoft family.

We are all for unity and consistency. We find where we can add value. We patch the EX-essentials gaps.

Start over

We celebrate our wins. We learn. We get a new ball rolling.

We act as if the future of employee experience was in our hands. (Because it kind of is.)

GSoft has been thinking about the future of work for a long time. The Lab is a testament to our devotion and to the purpose that drives the company. That being said, we march to the beat of our own drums here.

  • We prioritize actions and iterations over thought experiments. We are not trying to be a university.
  • We function as a small team with minimal hierarchy and maximum collaboration.
  • We sway from our main expertise. It’s OK.
  • We work directly with GSoft’s CEO (literally a team member).
  • We are not influenced by GSoft’s operations.

What’s good about rolling with us.

  • We proudly have the means to support our ambitions.
  • Everything you work on comes to life almost immediately.
  • You not only can, but have to experiment freely with innovative ideas.
  • You start a product from scratch and influence every step of its growth and success.


Learn more about our culture and perks here.



Team Principles

We try to live up to them, everyday.

Leaders Who Care

We are leaders who always push forward. We make decisions, we own our expertise, and we never stop learning. We persevere through tough times and elevate everyone around us.

No Fear of the Unknown

Uncertainty doesn’t stop us from making decisions. We use data to back our intuition. We know that a bad decision is better than no decision at all.

Builders, Not Talkers

We don’t go to the Lab to show off. We work hard to solve real user problems. We let our work do the talking.

Creativity, Risk, and a Little Madness

We’re not in the business of creating more of the same boring products on the market. We bring new flavours that get customers excited. We build unexpected solutions that are game changers.

We Keep It Fun

We enjoy pushing our skills to the limit. We celebrate real victories, because food always tastes better at the top of the mountain.

«There are so many new problems to solve, old problems to reconquer, bad products to replace, processes to automate, etc. The landscape of employee experience is vast, and the opportunities are endless.»

Simon De Baene,
Co-founder and CEO, GSoft

Let's get to work.

GSoft is known for its culture and for the way it treats its employees. It’s no different in the Lab. We know the value of innovation and how to treat innovators. Have a look at our open roles and come build something great with us.

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