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GSOFT's Image in its simplest form.

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GSOFT : Short Introduction

Since 2006, GSOFT has developed custom-made software for local, national, and international clients. We are a leader in our industry, particularly because of our two leading products: Sharegate and Officevibe. Beyond our reputation in technology, we also have a mission to create a positive impact in the lives of people at work.

Sharegate helps thousands of IT professionals worldwide manage, migrate, and secure their SharePoint & Office 365 environments. A product made with simplicity in mind, Sharegate helps its users sleep at night knowing their environments are secure. For more information:

Officevibe enables organizations to improve their work environment for the benefit of both managers and employees. Measuring, analyzing, and taking concrete action to increase the commitment and happiness of your employees has never been easier. For more information:

Since our company was founded, we’ve also designed and produced custom-made software that improves the lives of people at work and solves real-life problems. From the idea to the solution, our design and development teams are working closely together to conceive cutting-edge and ambitious solutions, focused on user experience.

Speaking of us : the name, logo and its variants

GSOFT is always written in caps.

Since our rebranding in February 2016, GSOFT should always be written entirely in caps. If you’re searching on the web, you’ll find GSOFT written Gsoft, G-Soft, GSoft inc, and more. We completely understand that this can cause confusion. This is why we insist so much on that.

The logo in its finest details

  • The logo on light background should be the one used most frequently.
  • In exceptional cases, the inverse logo can be use on dark background.
  • The logo should never be distorted, and the original colors (see below) should never be changed.
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The color palette

Our main colors are: green, dark grey, and a complementary light grey. If you cannot echo these three specific colours, please contact us.

Comfort zone

The comfort zone around the logo is equivalent to the width and height of the G of GSOFT.

Available visuals

Here are images representing different aspects of life at GSOFT. More visuals are available according to your requirements. Do you need specific images? When possible, our photographer and videographer will be pleased to provide it to you.

They’re talking a lot about us!

Here’s a preview of the media coverage obtained in the past few months.


  • Apparition dans l’édition du 30 novembre 2016


For any questions or media requests, please contact:
Catherine Salvail
Medias & Visibility