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We’re here to help all work work. Be that office work, admin work, assembly line work. You name it. A big part of that is getting teams in the same headspace. That’s why we built Officevibe, to make management improvements and employee engagement easy so that teams can focus on creating, learning, collaborating and so on. Want in?

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well, us

Back in 2013 we needed an employee engagement solution to keep our culture happening. So we built it ourselves. Keeping our teams in sync is a journey we take every day.

Because we know that managers need to go far beyond free pizza to bring out the best in their team – with ever-evolving tools and solid know-how.

Some stats

All-around good vibes.

84% of Officevibers trust their managers, 4 in 5 Officevibers are clear on their goals and 90% of Officevibers like their manager’s transparency. These are the kind of stats that make us proud.

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GSoft built Officevibe back in 2013. Since then we’ve had some major wins and the odd fail. We’ve changed what employee engagement looks like. And we’ve made a lot of friends along the way. Officevibe is all about team spirit and positive impact.