Who said that IT tools had to be dull and complex?

We certainly didn’t.


Microsoft 365? No problem.

Forget about silos, errors, migration headaches and permission dramas. We’ll be taking care of that.


Move what you want, where you want it.


Stay in the know. Stay on track.


Clean up, organize and govern your tenant in a flash.


Ensure the right people have access to the right things.

If numbers could talk, here’s what they’d say.

It’s true, our products are only as good as our people. And our people are pretty darn good. Every day, they work behind the scenes and share their knowledge and enthusiasm, whether it’s support, troubleshooting, sales or customer success.

We get that IT professionals are the unsung heroes of the distributed workplace. With ShareGate we’re there to help them succeed. And maybe even be the talk of the office party.

We’re trusted by over 75,000 IT professionals worldwide.

Did we say, whoa?

That’s a whole lot of sharing. And a whole lot of content management. With so many big names working with us, you could say that we’re in really good company.